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About Us - The Fairy Investigation Society

The F.I.S. has been known under many guises since it's inception in 1927.
The society was formed by Captain Q.C.A.Craufurd R.N. and Bernard Sleigh, for the purposes of collecting evidence to show that what are commonly kown as "Fairies", actually exist. Bernard Sleigh, had, in 1926, published his book: The Gates of Horn  - Being Sundry Records from the Proceedings of the Society for the Investigation of Faery Fact & Fallacy.

Founders: Quentin Charles Alexander Craufurd 1885 -1957

Quentin CraufurdBernard Sleigh

Bernard Sleigh 18721954, English painter, artist and illustrator.

The first journal of the London Lodge, produced in December 1929, includes articles and contributions by: E. Frey, C.A. Dawson Scott, Gloria Guelph, Mrs Hayter, an article from The Daily Express, a fairy script given by Hon. Secretary of the London Lodge, Mrs. Claire Cantlon, and a statement on the foundation of the society by Captain Q.C.A.Craufurd R.N .

Cover design was by Mr. Tom Charman and frontispiece by Miss Elsie Blomfield. Further biographies of these people and other associates of the society will be made available.

FIS Journal 1929Elsie Blomfield

The society has continued to be active throughout the last century and up to the present day, including membership, and participatation of people such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Alasdair Alpin MacGregor, Leslie Alan Shepard, Sir Hugh Dowding, and animator Walt Disney. Our last public address was in Dublin, Ireland. Research into fairy lore and sightings in the society still continues in modern times, and specifically, with our most recent study into childrens' experiences of fairy sightings.

We appreciate the recent resurgence of interest in our society, and have subsequently established this website, with a plan to address questions, accept new members, and publish some of our findings in the near future. F.I.S. Secretary 2014

Please contact us with your Fairy Experiences using our contact form or email
us at: info@fairyinvestigationsociety.com

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We will be welcoming any queries about the society from early 2015, and also be accepting new membership. We are a friendly group and interested to hear from you. Please have patience however, while we prepare our website and research.

The F.I.S. collects accounts of modern fairy and related experiences and sightings, and we encourage you to send your own experiences to us. Please include as much detail as possible, and some background information about yourself, including age, and interests.

The Fairy Investigation Society

Contact us regarding membership or personal experience of fairy sightings.
Your identity will remain private in the event of any publication .

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