For those who sincerely hold the fairy faith, and actively seek to explore and understand the true nature of reality.
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Welcome to all seekers

Our society, based in the Uk, London and Ireland, with  branches in the Us and Spain, has been active since 1927, and has had many well known and respected members and associates throughout the past century, from Arthur Conan Doyle to Walt Disney. Due to the recent resurge of interest in our history, and enquiries, we have decided to open our doors again to the wider public, and seekers of knowledge about fairies, nature spirits, and fairy lore.

The Fairy Investigation Society
- originally founded in Britain in 1927 by Capt. Sir Quentin Craufurd MBA to collect information on fairy sightings.

About us
Over the past century we have been collecting extensive relevant research into fairy sightings. We have  also been conducting a survey into modern personal accounts of  fairy encounters, and through our emerging website, now hope to extend our invitation to any one who wishes to share their own experiences with us . Find out more about us ...


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